Villages Of Naxos


The village of Filoti is the largest village of the Cyclades and is only 18 km from the port and airport of Naxos. Filoti has been built at the foot of the famous Zeus mountain. Legend has it that Zeus lived here in his childhood. Filoti village consists of Klefaro, Rachidi and Lioiri, the 3 settlements of the village. In the center of the village is dominated by a large plane tree where around it you can find many traditional taverns and coffee shops. You will also find traditional and local products because all the families in winter have small farms so everything is of their own production and very delicious. Most of the inhabitants of Filoti are livestock breeders, so one can understand that one cannot leave the village without tasting the famous Arsen cheese and Naxos graviera, as well as lamb and goat meat. If you are a hiker you will love Filoti. You can leave the rental car in the parking lot which is located 50 meters before the fountain of Arion. The fountain of Arion is located 2 kilometers from Filoti where you can go from a path that is located on the outskirts of the village. This is the starting point to discover the cave of Za which is dedicated to Zeus. While 15 kilometers from Filoti is the tower of Chimarros. It is one of the most important sights of Naxos. Don’t forget to pass by the church of Panagia Filotitissa with the old icons and the carved bell tower.


The village of Apeiranthos is a picturesque village with stone houses and narrow streets. Apeiranthos is 23 kilometers from Naxos port and airport. It has 3 Museums, traditional taverns and traditional coffee houses. The visitors of Naxos call it the marble village because it is built entirely of stone. Also, Apeiranthos has an altitude of 650 m above sea level. the locals have a special topolalia which makes them special and comes from the Cretan dialect. Apeiranthos is a traditional settlement, it is famous for its architecture which dates back to around the Middle Ages and continues until today. Apeiranthos, although it is one of the most mountainous villages of Naxos, is located very close to Moutsouna beach, Psili ammos and Ligaridias. In front of these beaches there is a cedar forest. These beaches are characterized by their transparent shallow waters and fine sand. They are ideal beaches for any visitor to Naxos who wants to enjoy swimming in a peaceful and natural landscape. Α peugeot 207 or 208 is an ideal car rental to explore these areas safely and comfortably.


Halki is located in the Tragaia area. It is 16 kilometers from Naxos port and airport. You can get there by local bus, by taxi, or by rental car. The village of Halki is the old capital of Naxos, so all the houses there are stone mansions in pink tones with Venetian refinement. In the past, Halki was one of the most important commercial centers of the island, and this is because Halki connects all the villages by road. There are many sights to see around the village such as Byzantine churches, Venetian towers and archeological monuments. Halki is famous mainly for its architecture with its neoclassical houses, Byzantine churches and picturesque alleys. Halki is a village that will take you back in time. In Halki you will also find the famous Naxos liqueur where you can see how it is produced in the old distillery valida. Don’t forget to visit Panagia Drosiani located north outside the village. The church of Panagia Drosiani is the oldest church of Naxos and one of the most important Byzantine churches. Her name means “Drosia Panagia” referring to the image of the church that flows or cries whenever the village or island of Naxos is in great danger. The village is also famous for its traditional sweets, woven, art objects that you will find in the very nice shops of the village.


Melanes is one of the oldest settlements of Naxos. It is 8 kilometers south-east from the town of Naxos. It is made up of 4 settlements. Kourounochori, Mylos, Agios Thalellaios and Agios Apostolos. It is a village with very rich vegetation, flowing waters and houses with Cycladic architecture. In the village you will also find medieval towers which were used by the nobles for residences during the medieval years. The statue of Kouros is located very close to Melanes in the Flerio position. It is a very large statue 6.4 meters. This statue was left on the ground among the olive trees. Archaeologists believe that it represents a mortal man or the god Dionysus. A similar unfinished statue like this is in the village of Apollonas in Naxos. Another very important sight in Melanes is the Jesuit palace in Kalamitsia. This palace was used as a holiday home by the Jesuit order, monks during the Frankish period on the island. Melanes is an ideal hiking destination. There are many paths from Naxos to Melanes. If you’re not a hiker though, a Fiat Panda is the perfect car rental to explore all 4 settlements. Here the residents are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry and construction work. Don’t leave Melanes without first trying the village’s traditional recipe of kokora krasato


15 kilometers east of Naxos town is the village of Kinidaros. Very close to Kinidaros are quarries of the famous marble of Naxos. In this village, the inhabitants are engaged in marble mining, agriculture, animal husbandry and construction work. This village is renowned for its musical tradition. This is because when Naxos was destroyed by the Venetians, families of instrumentalists, dancers and singers moved to Kinidaros. A beautiful natural attraction in Kinidaros is the Dryades. Leave your rental car outside the village and go for a walk in the forest to relax and be enchanted by nature’s beauty. Important churches can be found in this village, such as Agios Artemios and Agios Georgios. Agios Artemios is the biggest temple in Naxos.


Koronos is one of the most mountainous villages of Naxos. It is located 34 kilometers north-east from the town of Naxos. You will definitely need a car rental in Naxos to get there. In the past, the inhabitants of the village were engaged in the mining of emery, a mineral that gave economic prosperity to Naxos. Today the villagers are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. In Koronos, it is worth walking to Agia Marina, where you will meet welcoming and smiling people all around. Visit the folklore museum, enjoy island songs, plenty of dancing, food and wine and immerse yourself in local culture. The most important sight in Koronos is the monastery of Panagia tis Argokoiliotissa with a wonderful view of the endless blue. In “Platsa” the central square of the village you will find many taverns with good food.


You will find Sagri 11 km southeast of Chora. It consists of Ano Sagri and Kato Sagri. It is a very beautiful and picturesque village with a particular architecture. Among the most important attractions you will find in Sagri are the Bazaios tower and the Temple of Demeter, an Ionic style temple located 4 kilometers from the village. You can leave your rental car in Sagri and head there on foot. The Temple of Demeter and the Hyria are architecturally considered the Forerunners of the Parthenon. In Sagri you will also come across stone-built mansions and windmills. Some of them are restored and you can visit them. In Sagri also you will find many Byzantine churches and Venetian towers. Very close to Sagri is the beach of Aiassos with its crystal-clear sand and nice tavernas.


On the north side of the island, 45 kilometers from Naxos Town, is Apollonas. Enjoy Naxos car will help you rent the perfect car to explore Apollonas. It is a seaside village with special archaeological interest. In this village you’ll find Kouros. An unfinished 11-meter statue depicting the God Dionysus. It is dated as being given to Apollonas in the 6th century BC. An inscription states that Kouros was intended for the sanctuary of Apollonas from where the village got its name. Since ancient times, Apollon has been considered the most important port for loading marble from Delos and from other destinations. In Apollonas you will enjoy the magnificent and panoramic view of the settlement and the endless blue sky. And of course, don’t leave Apollon before eating fresh fish at the seafood taverns.


On the eastern side of the island, 37 kilometers away from the port of Naxos, you will find another seaside settlement, a small and picturesque fishing village called Moutsouna. You will definitely need to hire a car to get there. In the past, cargoes of emery arrived at Moutsouna via an aerial cableway that loaded them onto ships that transported them to major Greek ports. That is why Moutsouna has played a decisive role in the economy of the island. Emery is a rare mineral used in road construction in ancient times. Naxos is one of the few in the whole of Europe and in the world with rich natural deposits of high-quality emery. Moutsouna is also characterized by its clear waters and ideal for relaxing and swimming. In the village taverns you will find fresh seafood right next to the sea with its fine golden sand.